ACI produced cross-linked Polyethylene compounds (XLPE) for automotive cables industry. Polyethylene has excellent properties like dielectric strength, high insulation resistance and a low dissipation factor at all frequencies making it an ideal insulator. In order to increases the temperature range of the PE insulation it is used a physical cross-linking promoted by a high energy source such as high-energy electron or microwave radiation.

Recently, ACI develops a XLPE with chemical crosslinking and this one involves the addition of chemicals to generate free radicals which form the crosslinking.

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is a thermosetting material which will not soften, flow or distort when subjected to heat and pressure.

XLPE compound improves the chemical and oil resistance at high temperatures and this one is suitable for voltage ranges from low to extra high voltage. Concerning the combustibility tests, the XLPE compounds presents good performance without halogens.

In recent years, ACI has focused on the production of XLPE compounds to improve the flexibility of automotive cables in order to be at the forefront of innovation and to stand out in the market in which it operates. This special XLPE compounds are halogen in order to promote the best performance in combustibility test and at the same time improve the flexibility comparing with tradition XLPE halogen free compounds.

In ACI portfolio, XLPE compounds are designed to complies class C (-40°C to 125°C) and class D (-40°C to 150°C).

ACI Compound Temperature Service Cross Section Range
Special Properties

-High insulation resistance

-High Flexibility

-Chemical and oil resistance at high temperatures


According to ISO 6722; LV 112-1

XLPE T3 - 1 T3(-40°C to +125°C) 0.35 - 1.50mm2
XLPE T3 - 2 T3(-40°C to +125°C) 2.00 - 7.00mm2
XLPE T3 - 3 T3(-40°C to +125°C) > 7.00mm2
POLY EV T3 T3(-40°C to +125°C) ≥ 8.00mm2
XLPE SP T3(-40°C to +125°C) 0.35 - 7.00mm2
XLPE T4 - 1 T4(-40°C to +150°C) 0.35 - 1.50mm2
XLPE T4 - 2 T4(-40°C to +150°C) 2.00 - 7.00mm2
XLPE T4 - 3 T4(-40°C to +150°C) ≥ 8.00mm2
POLY EV T4 T4(-40°C to +150°C) ≥ 8.00mm2